The Constant Struggle

I am having serious problems motivating myself. I have no real interests in… anything anymore. Not Minecraft, not friends, not school– all of which I used to love a lot.

This is frustrating me to no end. And every time I ask for a therapist to talk about the idea that maybe i have depression, I get put off and told we’ll get to it later. 

I’ve been asking for a year now. Possibly more. 

I’m going to scream.

In other news, I’m working on writing some things, and I think I’ll post them here from now on. Because this blog isn’t one that many of my Tumblr ‘friends’ know of(many here meaning none, for now).


And now, for my first proper post.

Okay. So now that I’ve gotten this to work, I thought I’d make a real introduction post to kick things off.

My name’s Brynn, I’m a guy, I’m in high school…


This sounds like a job interview.



I have absolutely no idea how to go about this. I have a Tumblr, but that’s made up of one-liner text posts about Minecraft and living on the computer.

I have a girlfriend named Lynn, and she also has a WordPress over here. I talk about her quite a bit, as she lives with me and she’s a huge part of my life. If you can’t handle that, I’d go away.

I’m pansromantic asexual, which in the simplest of terms means that I’m romantically attracted to all genders(binary and non-binary), but I’m not sexually attracted to any of them! I’m also polyamorous, but that’s not really relevant since I’m in a monogamous relationship until we find a third, if we ever do.

Well, I guess you’ll get to know me over time, other than what I’ve given you. I promise I’m more interesting than this! Maybe. Or maybe not.

I s’pose you’ll decide.